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Model VENTO Series - Fertilizer Spreaders



The fertilizer spreaders of VENTO MaterMacc range, are machines that have been designed for inter-row and open field distribution of granular products, in accordance with current requirements for a greater respect of the environment.

In fact, these machines can guarantee uniform distribution in all operational conditions and use any type of granular fertilizers. They are machines equipped with three point universal hitches, with a strong frame that can be folded vertically and horizontally, thus allowing to avoid obstacles during work, closing of the machine’s external sectors without stopping and without dispensing the material onto plants and burning. This frame allows reduced transport widths (2.54 mt). The painted steel hopper have a capacity of 1.000 liters, allowing considerable autonomy between refills. Both models are equipped with four innovative dispensers, which are activated by two 12 V motors. This electronically managed system, immediately adjusts the quantity ensuring proportionality of the distribution in relation to forward movement and permits each of the four sectors to be excluded and/or re-activated from the tractor cab at any time. In just a few minutes the machine can be transformed for open field distribution with remarkable uniformity, by just replacing the drop tubes with the deflectors.

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