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The Vermeer MC1030 DiscPro is one of the most flexible mower conditioners you can buy. Available with either steel conditioner rollers or our exclusive paddle-style conditioner, the MC1030 features the Vermeer patented DynaGuard swing-back suspension, exclusive Quick-Clip Blade Retention System and other innovations. With a 13'3'/4 m width, you can cut and cure hay with remarkable efficiency.

  • Change the cutterbar angle from the cab using the exclusive Vermeer on-the-go hydraulic adjustment.
  • Choose your conditioning system with either the unique fluted steel rollers or our patented and versatile spring-steel paddles for mowing a variety of crops.
  • Replace blades in seconds using the exclusive Quick-Clip™ Blade Retention System.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Mowing and crimping acre after acre of high-volume hay (or aggressively crushing cane and other tough forages) is tough on equipment. That’s why both Vermeer mower conditioners are built to deliver excellent performance in virtually any field with superior equipment protection – exclusive DynaGuard swingback suspension; extra wide conditioning for better crop flow and consistency; hydraulic on-the-go cutter bar adjustments; narrow transport widths (just inches wider than actual cutting widths); and, of course, the exclusive Quick-Clip blade retention system.

The center-pivot MC1030 DiscPro – one of the most flexible mower conditioners you can buy – cuts 13.3' (4 m) wide. The cost-efficient side pull MC840 DiscPro cuts 10.5' (3.2 m) wide. Both can handle the unique fluted steel conditioning rollers (optional) for maximum crushing strength or the patented and more versatile spring-steel paddles, which efficiently handle a variety of crops.

  1. Wide skid shoes increase the protection of the cutter bar against damaging rocks and eliminate pinch point problems. The converging discs and non-converging disc sections are covered.
  2. The Vermeer DynaGuard® suspension allows the cutter head to swing back, up and over obstacles, then quickly return to its original setting. This reduces the damaging impacts and structural fatigue caused by rocks and other immovable obstacles. Fewer hassles. More productive mowing time.
  3. Torsion-flex drive system. Rubber isolator (top) helps absorb the shock of high impacts in the vertical drive shaft; increases protection for cutter bar gears and hex shaft.
  4. Dual cutting height positions (on MC840 only) eliminate the need and added expense of topping shoes. Cutting heights are adjustable up to 6.5' (16.5 cm) high.
  5. Exclusive spring-steel conditioning paddles. Reduce your initial investment cost. Lower your replacement costs! And achieve unmatched versatility. Special heat treated paddles are reversible. Conditioning bar is height adjustable to give you an infinite range of conditioner settings to handle everything from grasses to legumes.
  6. Vermeer steel conditioner rollers handle everything from gentle crimping to the aggressive crushing techniques in cane crops. Long-life steel fluted design means there’s no rubber or urethane to wear out, de-laminate or lose their edge! Patented roller timing system creates a wide conditioner cutting width.

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