- Model 404 - Pro Silage Baler



Loaded with state-of-the-art features, the Vermeer 404 Pro Silage Baler is designed for fast, efficient silage baling to save you time while preserving the quality of your crop. The optional XtraCut17 crop cutter system increases bale density, accelerates fermentation, and improves silage quality and digestibility. Meanwhile, the exclusive HYDROFLEX Control lets the floor shift up and down to accommodate uneven swaths, minimizing rotor blockage. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver and easy to maintain.

  • Make better use of horsepower thanks to the patented 404 Pro POWERSPLIT Transmission, a unique shared-drive gearbox design.
  • Get a better grip on bales with the POWERGRIP steel rollers, which help maximize compression and improve rotation under all kinds of operating conditions.
  • Protect finished bales using the Vermeer Netwrap System, which is easy to load, easy to feed and simple to operate.
  • Monitor your progress with the Vermeer E-LINK Electronic Controlling System.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Bale silage like a pro! Since the introduction of the 404Pro, a whole new standard for silage baling performance has been set worldwide, particularly for dairy producers in search of better answers.

Today, PowerGrip rollers are the benchmark for durability and performance for fixed chamber balers. The patented PowerSplit transmission is the ultimate solution for efficient horsepower utilization. The netwrap systems are simple to load, operate and maintain. E-LINK electronic controllers make it easy to monitor baling activity. Plus you can change bale density, cutting knife patterns and the netwrap count with just the push of a button.

In the details, the difference in quality and performance also stands out. Cut-out clutches protect drivelines. Special baffles on the ends of rollers prevent damage from buildup. Exceptionally large sprockets and chains with a gear-driven chain oiler ensure minimal chainwear. And heavy-duty roller chain powers the direct rotor drive. Welcome to a new class of high-moisture forage baling solutions.

  1. The 73' (185 cm)-wide 4-bar pickup comes with adjustable gauge wheels for clean pickup and precise pickup height control. Special sealed and grooved ball bearings in the tine bar assembly reduce horsepower requirements and exceed the typical service life of normal bearings. Heavyduty rotors in the pickup throat help push the hay from pickup to chamber without plugging.
  2. With the optional Xtra Cut 17 feature, you can use the standard 17-blade setup, 9-knife or 8-knife configurations. The extra long knives reach deep into the ring zone of the rotor to improve flow and quality of cut. Increase bale density, accelerate fermentation and improve the structure and quality of the silage for better digestibility; especially important for ruminants.
  3. Divide power equally using the patented PowerSplit transmission. This unique shared-drive gearbox design, with integrated transversal shafts, allows horsepower to be shared more efficiently between rotor and bale chamber.
  4. HydroFlex control, with a suspended and flexible mounting, (A) allows the feed floor to shift up and down slightly to allow uneven swaths to pass. Saves time. Eliminates plugging. If a plug does occur, you never have to leave the tractor because HydroFlex control (B) opens the feed floor up to 17' (43.2 cm).
  5. PowerGrip steel rollers set the standard for durability and performance by giving you a better grip on the bale with maximum compression and positive bale rotation in all kinds of operating conditions. High-strength shafts power the rollers, which are specially formed with ten ribs pressed into seamless thick-wall tubing.
  6. Two gull-wing panel doors (and a one panel door on top) open wide and provide great access for routine maintenance. Four grease banks, conveniently located on each side of the tailgate, allow you to grease all roller bearings in minutes. Automated chain oilers help extend the life of the chains.

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