- Model LM42 - Plow/Trencher with Optional Attachments



Built for high maneuverability and easy operation, the LM42 tackles tough jobs with a powerful 42 hp/31 kW Deutz engine. This workhorse includes plow centering springs, a servo-controlled ground drive pump and safety features such as insulated controls and an operator-presence system.  The LM42 also boasts an extremely narrow profile that fits through areas as small as 36'/91.4 cm, depending on tire option.  Optional attachments such as a trencher, vibratory plow, multi-blade plow and rockwheel give the LM42 excellent versatility to perform a variety of job functions.

  • Improves productivity with color-coded controls that are conveniently located.
  • Steers easily on flat or uneven surfaces because it oscillates at the point of center articulation. Optional side weights also improve stability.
  • Gets through openings as small as 36”/91 cm thanks to its narrow profile.
  • Promotes on-the-job safety with an operator presence system that disengages the trencher and ground drives if the operator leaves the controls, plus a trenching cleat that restricts backward motion.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

The tough Vermeer LM42 is built to stand up to rugged use, while retaining maneuverability and easy operation. It is powered by a 42-hp (31.3 kW) air/oil-cooled Deutz engine, conveniently located dual operator presence controls, and strikeprotected insulated handles for added operator protection. An all-around workhorse, the LM42 boasts plow-centering springs, a servo-controlled ground-drive pump and an extremely narrow profile that fits through areas as small as 36' (91.4 cm), depending on tire option.

Optional attachments give the LM42 excellent versatility to perform a variety of job functions. Optional side weights adapt the machine to various ground conditions for flexible performance. Other attachment options include: backhoe attachment with center-mounted seat, boring attachment, trencher, reel carrier and rockwheel. When you are looking for an easy-handling, great all-around machine, the LM42 is your walk-along solution.

Compact width and excellent maneuverability make the LM42 a great multipurpose machine. The center-articulated LM42 oscillates at the point of articulation for increased stability and performance on uneven terrain. With its extremely narrow profile, the LM42 will fit through areas as small as 36' (91.4 cm).

For safety and operator convenience, one of the two operator presence controls must be depressed at all times. If operator presence system is not engaged, trencher and ground drive will not function.

Optional reel carrier accommodates reels up to 16' (40.6 cm) wide and 150 lb (68 kg). The LM42 offers many optional attachments to make your work more productive.

The multiblade plow attachment uses highfrequency vibration to install up to three drip irrigation lines at a time with minimal damage to the soil profile.


Basic machine with vibratory plow, less plow blade
Height: 54.5' (138.4 cm)
Weight: 3550 lb (1610.3 kg)
Length: 81' (205.7 cm)
Width [with 23' (58.4) tires]: 36' (91.4 cm)
Width [with 26' (66 cm) tires]: 42' (107 cm)
Wheelbase: 44.5' (113 cm)
Ground clearance: 7.5' (19.1 cm)
Fuel consumption: 2.2 gph (8.3 L/hr) @ full load
Enclosed wet-disc brake system
Oil cooler


Model: Deutz F3L2011
Horsepower (gross): 42 hp (31.3 kW)
Number of cylinders: 3
Type of fuel: Diesel
Cooling medium: Air/Oil
Displacement: 2.3 L (142 cu in)


23' (58.4 cm) or 26' (66 cm) tire options

Fluid Capacities

Fuel tank capacity: 11.6 gal (44 L)
Engine oil with filter: 1.4 gal (5.3 L)
Hydraulic tank: 8 gal (30.3 L)
Hydraulic system: 10 gal (37.9 L)

Ground Drive

Pump type: Hydrostatic
Transport speeds, forward and reverse, (standard tires): 0 fpm – 180 fpm (0 m/pm – 54 m/min)
Optional two-speed ground drive


Electrical system: 12 V
Battery: Group 31,660 CCA
Alternator: 60-amp

Trencher Attachment

Weight [attachment only, with 42' (106.7 cm) boom, chain cutters]: 490 lb (222.3 kg)
Trench depths: 0' – 42' (0 cm – 106.7 cm)
Trench widths: 4' – 6' (10.2 cm - 15.2 cm)
Angle of approach: 22°

Vibratory Plow Attachment

Weight (without blade): 675 lb (306.2 kg)
Plow blades: 12' (30.5 cm), 14' (35.6 cm), 18' (45.7 cm), 24' (61 cm)
Cable chute width: 1' (2.5 cm)
Recommended cover depth: 12' – 18' (30.5 cm – 45.7 cm)
Maximum cover depth: 24' (61 cm)

Backhoe Attachment

Digging depth: 82.5' (209.6 cm)
Reach: 109' (276.9 cm)
Swing arc: 110°
Bucket width: 12' (30.5 cm) standard
Dual stabilizers: Standard
Optional bucket: 8' (20.3 cm), 18' (45.7 cm)

Reel Carrier Attachment

Max reel width: 16' (40.6 cm)
Reel tube OD: 1.25' (3.2 cm)
Reel capacity: 150 lb (68 kg)

Boring Attachment

Torque: 620 ft-lb (840.6 Nm) @ 2500 psi (172.4 bar) relief
Speed: 240 rpm @ max engine rpm

Rockwheel Attachment

Weight: 890 lb (403.7 kg)
Cutting widths: 3' (7.6 cm) and 4' (10.2 cm)
Max cutting depth: 21' (53.3 cm)
Wheel diameter: 47.5' (120.7 cm)
Wheel speed: 206 rpm @ max engine rpm

Multiblade Plow Attachment

Model name: MB40
Weight (with blades): 1881 lb (853.2 kg)
Max length: 64.3' (163.3 cm)
Min depth: 2' (5.1 cm)
Max depth: 12' (30.5 cm)
Min blade spacing: 10' (25.4 cm)
Max blade spacing: 24' (61 cm)
Reel capacity: 1000' (304.8 m)

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