- Model R2300 - Twin Rake



The secret to good bales starts with, box-shaped windrows. That’s what the Vermeer R2300 TwinRake is designed to produce. Built to last, the R2300 allows you to adjust the width of the windrows to match your baler. Control the width, basket lift and folding/unfolding systems right from the cab of your tractor.

  • Keep hay clean because the hydraulically-driven baskets have rubber-mounted rake teeth that engage the crop, not the ground.
  • Built for durability with a proven design that prevents the tines from engaging the ground.
  • Glide over uneven terrain with large, caster-type wheels to cushion your ride.  
  • Match the raking action to the crop and field conditions without adjusting speed using the optional basket speed control.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Whether you’re baling 500 or 5,000 acres, Vermeer R Series rakes keep running and maintaining their value long after other models have been retired. In fact, they actually help produce better bales because now you can prepare clean, customized, box-style windrows perfectly matched to the pickup – regardless of the type of baler you operate.

Take the classic Vermeer R2300, for example. It’s built for higher capacities with 18' - 23' (5.48 m - 7.01 m). raking widths and adjustable windrow widths from 3' - 6' (.91 m - 1.82 m). And it’s thoughtfully designed for speed, efficiency and convenience. That’s means you’re able to get in or out of the field quicker, because you don’t have to leave the tractor when it’s time to fold or unfold the heavy-duty twin basket rakes … or when you need to adjust raking widths or windrow widths.

  1. Customize your windrows! Simply angle the baskets and you can adapt to your raking environment by producing tight windrows to slow dry down … or increase airflow and create loose, fluffy windrows to quicken dry down.
  2. Easy to maintain. Rugged, reinforced frames with round cross-section toolbars and grease-free windrow width slide adjustments. More production in the field. Less time spent on maintenance.
  3. Bigger capacities. Lower replacement costs. Six-bar baskets on the R2300 (seven-bar on the R2800) mean better sweeping action, especially in high-volume conditions. Rubber-mounted tines reduce replacement costs and service time.

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