- Model TM1400 - Trailed Mower



Cut down your mowing time with the heavy-duty, center pivot TM1400 trailed mower. It mows a remarkable 18’/5.5 m with staggered and overlapped cutter bars so you achieve complete cutting action right down the middle. When the field is done, the TM1400 folds to a transport width of only 8’6”/2.5 m. Each of the 14 discs is self-contained with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricants – and the gears stay in the grease, even when mowing at extreme angles.

  • Save a significant amount of fuel and labor by cutting wider swaths with each pass.
  • Maneuver around objects easily with the center-pivot design that allows 180° turns.
  • Float over fields and contoured terrain with a nitrogen-charged accumulator floatation system that adjusts for varying field and crop conditions and a suspension system that compliments the independent cutter bars, allowing each to operate at different levels.
  • Enjoy simplified maintenance using the exclusive Quick Clip® Blade Retention System and flip-up curtains that give you easy access to the cutter bars.
  • Get more protection from unseen obstacles between the wide skid shoes and suspension system that protect the cutter bars, and the friction clutch, which protects the drive system.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Interested in eliminating all those 3-point mowers that tie up extra tractors, extra operators and consume extra fuel? Want to increase mowing capacity and cutting efficiency … and lower your costs in fuel, maintenance and labor?

Check out the heavy-duty Vermeer TM1200 and TM1400 Trailed Mowers and discover the convenience, handling and simplicity of a trailed mower … while cutting up to 18' wide (TM1400) with just a minimum 95 hp (70.8 kW) tractor.

Here, you’ll find classic Vermeer construction and innovative technology … rugged, reinforced frames with the versatility and fast, easy-handling of a center-pivot … the flex and ground-hugging ability of independent cutter bars which overlap to ensure clean cutting action in the center … patented flotation systems for added protection … and dedicated parts and service support from a team of hay equipment experts in your own backyard.

  1. A unique hydraulic suspension system works in conjunction with the split cutter bar to reduce cutter bar weight on the ground, increases flex and allows the large TM1200/ TM1400 units to easily follow ground contour and pivot up and over hidden obstacles.
  2. The exclusive nitrogen-charged accumulator flotation system makes it easy to adjust float for various field and crop conditions. It ensures excellent groundhugging control across rolling fields and contoured terrain.
  3. Swing up cutter bar covers provide quick, easy access to handle routine service and maintenance. Optional swathboards help reduce swath widths and the chance of matting down the windrow.
  4. Both TM1200 and TM1400 models quickly fold down to 8.5' (2.6 m) wide and easily maneuver through gates when traveling from field to field. Two-point hook-up accommodates both Cat 2 or 3N hitches.
  5. Hydraulic cutter bar pitch control sets cutting height to help eliminate streaking and allows you to adjust for different crops and conditions. No tools required.

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