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- Liquid Bio-Fertilizer


VERMISOL Liquid is a bio-fertilizer extract derived from red Californian worms. It is an extremely effective and ecological fertilizer widely used in all the agricultural products cultivated in the open fields and at the greenhouses. It is used in cultivation of vegetables, wheat, corn, sunflower, grapes, fruits, strawberry and flowers and hedgerows and grass fields as well as essential oil crops, fibrous plants and medicinal plants and in all sorts of tree. The pith contains the most important nutritional contents of the bio-fertilizers in dissolved form such as humic acids, fulvic acids and all the macro and micro elements in concentrated form required for the plants. These features enable Vermisol to be used as soil fertilizer before reproduction and growth and at the same time used as foliar fertilizer.

  • Used as both source of nutrients and growth stimulator for the plants.
  • Used as soil concentrator with humus for infertile lands. Useful soil revitalizes microflora and optimizes general structure of the soil and cause the organogenesis elements of the soil to be absorbed by the plants.
  • Highest organic nitrogen contents are extremely important for the soil without organic substances particularly after long-lasting mineral fertilization.
  • Enables the nutritional contents to remain in the soil for longer term and therefore causes the plants to absorb these contents better than ever.
  • Fast melt in water and consistent with all the pesticides and fertilizers used in the agriculture. 

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