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- Solid


Vermisol Solid is derived from worms of Lumbricus Rubellis, known as Red Californian Worms. In production of VERMISOL Vermicompost, feed for the worms has no waste, rubbish etc.. The worms are only fed by cattle droppings. VERMISOL is the vermicompost including the highest productivity rate due to this feeding style. Biohumus enhances physical features of the soil; so the soil gains easily friable nature. The fertilized soil keeps the necessary moisture (WATERING NEED DECREASES BY 30%) or drains excessive water (THE PLANTS DO NOT DECAY). Being different from its competitors, the worms are only fed by cattle droppings at VERMISOL production stage.

  • Causes the soil to regain natural health, life and productivity.
  • Respectively reasonable cost upon consideration of performance rate and other cost advantages.
  • Reliable, easy and pleasant usage.
  • Increases germination and root growth.
  • Activates plant immune system.
  • Enables the plants to take more nutrition by activating the nutrient cycle.
  • Increases resistance of the plants against cold.
  • Increases resistance against stress caused by drought, firming and care implementations.
  • Help overcome the lower photosynthesis problems.
  • Prevents jeopardy caused by excessive intervention.
  • Destroys hairy rooted and impermeable layer.
  • Eliminates the need for application of other bio-stimulants

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