Farmer 2000

- Model 6 - Soil Preparation Ploug


Verso is a semi-carried, five-row cultivator with low traction resistance and a variable depth of processing from 0 to 10 cm. The flexible narrow tines with the width of 45 mm provide intense and fine soil processing. The tines are flexibly attached to the frame with the row distance of 57 cm with the possibility of deflection in case of an impact with an obstacle. The spacing of tines is 75 mm. The bent shape of the frame has an excellent ability to maintain the same working depth according to the setting, even under the heaviest conditions. The chassis consists of 4 pairs of travelling wheels with hydraulic control of the working depth.The basic equipment includes tractor wheel track cultivators, consisting of 4 tines. The tines are adjustable both in height and horizontally so that they can fully cover the width of dual tractor tires.

  • Presowing soil preparation after ploughing, stubble-breaking – levelling the surface and preparing the sowing bed
  • Very early spring soil processing after winter
  • Excellent permeability under heavier and wet conditions
  • Resistant to rolling up and congestion
  • Shallow cultivation with incorporation of plant residues, destruction of weeds and threshing
  • Optional equipment according to the technological application: soft rollers, tines with widia plates
  • Possibility of aggregation with crumbling rollers
  • High capacity and excellent manoeuvrability

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