Vertical Mixer Feeder



The Abbey vertical auger mixer is one of the best on the market providing unique mixing ability with inherent build quality thus providing the customer with  unique added value on investment. The Abbey vertical diet feeder range is available in 3 different options - single auger, twin auger and tri-auger.  Models have capacities ranging from 7 cubic metres up to 33 cubic metres with a host of feed-out options.

Option 1 is a single auger machine with 7cu³ up to 16cu³.

Option 2 is a twin auger machine 14cu³ up to 28cu³.

Option 3 is a tri auger machine 27cu³ - 33cu³.

The Abbey vertical feeder range comes with a host of key features and is powered by a heavy duty industrial gearbox.  This unit powers the uniquely designed mixing auger which carries out the dual function of both chopping and mixing while lifting the feed ingredients up through its gently flighted auger and then drawn down along the side and the cycle begins again.  The Abbey vertical mixer range has the ability to handle all animal feed ingredients.  Roots can be chopped and mixed with other ingredients in one operation and incorporated alongside big bales of hay, straw and silage.  All ingredients can be added to make a completely mixed TMR for livestock.

Standard Equipment

The mixing auger design allows for a much lower horse power requirement due to its gradual flighting.  The lower auger design allows for less floor stress when adding whole hay bales, placing much less pressure on the working parts of the machines.

Standard Equipment

20mm floor plate

8mm wall plate 

15mm Auger plate

Programmable weighing option

With the Abbey vertical feeder range there is a host of feed out options available, the abbey vertical feeders come as standard with two doors in the SD model  which can be fitted with a discharge conveyor or a hydraulic folding chute, and the RD model which is accustomed to narrower feeding  situations. The FD model is a front door cross conveyor  ( single door) which comes as standard with a chain and slat conveyor fixed but can also come with a PVC conveyor and can be either sliding or sliding and raised for feeding over troughs where there are obstacles the must be adhered to.

Here at Abbey we understand that fast and accurate mixing means less waste and more efficient animal performance. This is why we use one best and most accurate system on the market today. Our weight system has the following features:

  •    large display screen that is easily read from a distance
  •    200 ingredient memory capacity, alpha-numeric keypad
  •    First Ingredient Resizing – automatically adjusts remaining ingredient.
  •    “Loaded” vs. ”Preset” feature allows for an accurate review of loading and feeding process
  •    Internal “alarm light and horn” alerts operator of approaching target weights
  •    Optional: Rotation Counter
  •    4 loads cells with a accuracy of 99.5%

Why An Abbey TUB Feeder?

Three times the life of conventional feeders


  • In chopping the ingredients you want (big bales)
  • In chopping the cost effective fodder you need (beet)
  • In blending the mix you want
  • In the herd you produce
  • In being able to accurately observe and control your animals diets
  • In working the feeder when you want it
  • In keeping maintenance costs low as a result of the robust design of the feeder
  • In being able to adapt the quantities of various ingredients to provide the animal with a balanced feed
  • In blending the mix you want whilst preserving the feed structure
  • By providing a more aerated mix to ensure optimum ingestion

  • Hydraulic counter knives
  • TMR tracker system
  • Rear door options
  • Front door options
  • Slat and chain hydraulic discharge conveyors
  • PVC hydraulic discharge conveyors
  • Hydraulic hinged trays
  • Flat/raised overflow ring
  • Root knives
  • Steering bogie
  • In cab cable/electric controls
  • 2-speed gearbox

  • Manufactured with high grade carbon steel to increase the life of the feeder
  • 15mm heavy duty auger, 20mm floor
  • Independent chassis. Increases stability and strength
  • 4 point weight system
  • Programmable digistar box (EZ3400)
  • Large counter knifes for a faster mix
  • Larger doors for faster feed out and a more even spread
  • Heavy duty industrial SOM/Comer planetary gearbox
  • Extended warranty on gearbox
  • Extended warranty on weigh system
  • Low horse power requirement
  • Self sharpening knifes
  • Has top class mix consistency proven in independent trials world wide

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