Vertical Multistage Pumps


Specially indicated for pressure sets, working with pressure switches or also frequency converters, for civil supplies, industrial, agricultural, spray irrigation, fire-fighting sets, etc. and in general, to pump water or liquids with similar water characteristics.

Application limits

  • Liquids without any abrasive particles that could damage the
  • pump materials.
  • Maximum starts per hour: 20-40 in regular intervals.
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid: 30° C.
  • Maximum ambience temperalure: 40° C.


  • Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, with axial impellers. Mechanical seal.
  • Close coupled version with prolonged motor shaft, equipped with screwed flange. The suction in horizontal, and tfie discharge in vertical. Standard version to 180°, but it can be at 90° as well as in the same side.


  • Inductive and asynchronous ones, with external fan cooled of 2 poles at 50Hz (2900 RPM). Insulation class F.IP55 protection, S1 continuous duty.
  • Three-phase: up to 5.5HP at 230/400V and from 7.5HP at 400/690V.
  • Single-phase 230V 50Hz. Boot permanent capacitor with thermal protector.

On request

  • Special voltages and frequencies. Special mechanical seals.

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