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The Fresh air VES cyclone fan from VES is the most efficient and effective recirculating fan available to create ECV (effective cooling velocity). How does the VES Cyclone work? When running on high speed it creates a high speed wave of air that is directed across the floor and over the cows. Unlike traditional panel and basket fans where only a small percentage of air ever reaches the cows lying down. The VES Cyclone cooling wave of fresh air surrounds the cow reducing heat stress, drying the bedding and eliminating insects. The VES Cyclone has been proven to increase cow lying time because of the comfortable fresh air it provides. Introducing dryer bedding has shown substantial decreases in SCC and Mastitis. Natural elimination of insects saves money on costly and potentially harmful chemical treatments. During winter or cold months the VES Cyclone reduced to low speed, using only an incredible 300 watts, supplies a gentle wave of fresh air to all the cows.

Many companies have tried to copy the look and performance but have come up short. There is only one VES Cyclone that is guaranteed to outperform all copycats in ECV and energy efficiency. The VES Cyclone is the fan of choice for world class Dairy producers like Steve Maddox of California, Phil Davies of Wales, Lee Jensen of Wisconsin and hundreds more world wide.


  • Transfer electrical energy into air energy in a focused air pattern creating a wave of fresh air.
  • Heavy galvanized motor mount straightens the air as it is propelled through the venturi and throws the air efficiently over the adjustable deflectors to optimize air throw distance and engineered direction.
  • Performance enhancing fiberglass intake cone.
  • Precision balanced 72″ heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminium blades.
  • De-stratisfies air on low speed covering over 15,000 square feet while minimal amounts of power.
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drive allows you a smooth speed adjustment from 300 RPM down to 50 RPM. Fan

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