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With the VeSort series we offer a very cost effective grading system for broccoli and other products. It can grade up to 60 products per minute, into maximally 5 grading categories. The VeSort combines high cost savings with an increase in grading accuracy.  The VeSort 3600-PST is the standard grading system which has been developed for packed produce. The system is being placed after the packing machine(s), and can be integrated with up to more than one packing machines. The VeSort 3600-PRE is a so called “wet” grading system, developed for sorting broccoli and other produce before packing. Both packing systems can be combined with (turn-key) system integrated logistics.

Length 5000mm
Width 2000mm
Height 2000mm
Weight 350 Kg, incl. 4 sorting bins

Max. capacity 3600 pc/hour

Electrical Details
Power supply 230 VAC 50Hz+PE
Power consumption 0.5kW

Pneumatic details
Air supply 7.0 bar
Air consumption 5 NL/min

Film specifications
Material -
Width -
Thickness -

VeStamp -
VePrint -
VeLabel -
Integrated grading -

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