Model VF Series - Combi Seeder



Reliable seed drill with roller in front of seed coulters. Combi-Seeder VF is a strong sturdy harrow-drill combination in 3 and 4 m working widths, which are available with towage coulters or disc coulters. The 3 m models are available with 1000 l seed hoppers and 4 m models are available with 1400 l seed hoppers. The frame is performed as a welded grated construction with high strength. Effective soil preparation via 3 rows of harrow tines, which are controlled precisely by the packing roller. Combi-Seeder VF has a Spring-Board levelling bar which is height adjustable via spindles.

The VF-models are available with three different roller types:

  • Square tube roller ø500 mm, Packer roller ø540 mm & V-Profile roller ø550 mm.              
  • Our new Combi-Seeder VF with disc coulters has two plain disc of 350 mm with coulter pressure up to 50 kg per unit. Combi-Seeder VF with disc coulters have as standard depth-/packing wheels.

Combi-Seeder VB

  • Optimal seeding and consolidation with the roller behind

Combi-Seeder VB is the perfect seed drill in 3 and 4 m working widths for easy to medium soil types. 3 m models are available with 1000 l  and the 4 m models are available with 1400 l seed hoppers. The seed drill performs all work in one pass: Levelling, harrowing via 4 rows of harrow tines, light consolidation/levelling, seeding as well as final consolidation of the soil, ensuring a good relation between the moist soil and the seeds. As the seed drill is carried by the tube roller behind, small stones will be pressed down into the soil at the same time.

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