Tecnomec Agricola

Model VH-350 / VH-500-ER / VH-900 / VH-DTP - Front-End Loaders


Versatile, ruggedly built for hard work and long life. For 75-120 hp tractors. Designed for 2 and 4 WD tractors. Fixed and adjustable valve stands with joystick or two lever control valve are avaliable. Mechanical self-leveling keeps attachments level when raising and lowering-stack round bales with ease. High burst pressure phosphatized hydraulic steel tubing and JIC no-leak fittings are standard. The optional single-lever control provides fast and smooth lift, lower, and dump cycles, making the loader operation faster, easier and less fastiguing. Attacahment dump linkage provides greater attachment roll-back and dump angle. In addition, quick-attach components (except VH-900-ER) allow for easy mount and dismount in a matter of minutes. QuickOn / QuickOff mounting tractor is accomplished quickly and positive locking prevents movement during operation.

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