Model VHD - Economical Shaker

Mechanically welded frame - Shaker head independent from the frame, suspended by 4 chains - Oil tank : 30 l (VHB-D) or 140 l (VHE-F) WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS - Weight : 660 kg (VHB-D-E) or 760 kg (VHF) - Length : 3 m / Width : 1,70 m / Height : 1,15 m VHE-AUD-L04 VHF vue commerciale 2011 BLANCHI

  • Thanks to its low amplitude starlike vibration movement, the shaker head has respect for trees and their roots
  • Possible to vibrate young trees
  • Quick assembly/disassembly of the vibrator on the tractor
  • Yield per hour : 55 trees (VHB) or 75 trees (VHD-E-F)
  • VHE-AUD-L04 VHF vue avant BLANCHI

  • For trunks from 0,50 m to 2,20 m high (VHB-D-E) / according to the clearance of the fork (VHF)
  • This machine can tighten trunks that reach a circumference of 1,90 m (Ø 600 mm)
  • Starlike vibration with a single belt drive
  • All movements are hydraulic
  • Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which gives a great dynamism at the starting up
  • Minimum tractor power requirement : 50 HP
  • For VHB, it is imperative that connecting the power take-off should be done for each tree shaked
  • for VHD, opening, closing and vibration of the clamp are done by a 2-elements distributor
  • For VHE and VHF, opening, closing and vibration of the clamp are done by a joystick which is assembled in the driver's cab

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