- Model MOBACTER7.5 - Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser



Due to popular demand, now available in 7.5kg pack. MO Bacter slow release organic fertiliser from Viano of Belgium is a granular organic fertiliser which kills moss, feeds grass and improves the soil all in one. Not only that, but scarifying after you have treated your grass with MO Bacter will not be necessary and it will not burn plants in your borders if you should spread it beyond your lawn.

One of the major benefits is it destroys moss without leaving any of the unsightly black debris. The dead moss is actually digested by the bacteria (npk: 5-5-20) leaving your lawn looking healthier.

Also, have you ever been annoyed at the stain on your patio or driveway after treating your lawn with normal fertiliser? You now have no need to worry as MO Bacter Organic Fertiliser does not stain stonework, patios or paths - a massive bonus!

Due to its unique benefits, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has seen remarkable results in which two inches of moss was virtually eliminated in six months and they had no need for any additional work to remove the debris. Not only did this save them work, the headstones were completely unmarked!

MO Bacter Organic Fertiliser is a unique moss destroyer as it will not send your moss black and saves you from back breaking work. Lawns are left free of any debris with no need to scarify, it's harmless to animals and wildlife, is completely organic and doesn't damage border plants.

Also available in 20kg bags (see right).

  • Unique slow release fertiliser which will feed your lawn over three months
  • Acts to destroy moss by secondary action
  • Removes the need for raking out dead material after use

  • Application Time: March - September
  • Destroy Moss: Yes
  • Consume Thatch: Yes
  • Slow Release: 3 Months
  • Granular or Liquid: Granular
  • Coverage: 75m²
  • Size: 7.5kg

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