VibrAlign Inc.

- Model 100-BH2 - Belt Hog



The VibrAlign Belt Hog uses the pulley groove as the reference, allowing you to achieve a precise belt alignment which reduces wear, bearing failures and vibrations. Highlights:Measures from the grooves where the belts operate. No need to remove the belts.Fast 1-person operation. Easy to use tool with no training required. Ruggedized aluminum/composite construction.

The use of two laser transmitters, with integrated targets, makes it very easy to determine the alignment condition with this tool. Parallel offset, angular error and twist are instantly visible to the operator. Within a few minutes, the operator can determine if the machine requires alignment or not.

The belt alignment process is as easy as the mounting. Just turn on the lasers and look at the opposite mounted unit. Each laser draws a line on the opposite target label. To align, simply adjust your machine position until the laser lines are aligned with the center mark on the targets.


  • Measures from the grooves where the belts operate
  • No need to remove the belts
  • Fast 1-person operation
  • Easy to use tool with no training required
  • Ruggedized aluminum/composite construction

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