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Vibro Spreader

This tiny water spreader is one of Rain-Tal's leading products for low volume irrigation. It generates a circular uniform droplet distribution over a range of throw diameters from 2 to 6 meters. The product is available for a variety of flow rates, from 20 L/hr (5.3 GPH) to 160 L/hr (42.3 GPH). The nominal flow rate values are for a pressure of 2 bars (30PSI) and variations of the flow under pressure are provided in the Flow Rate Chart. A special high-rate / heavy duty Vibro Spreader of 240 L/hr is available.

The wetting diameter is proportional to the flow rate (and related pressure). The respective data is provided in the pdfdiagram of wetting diameters.

The Vibro Spreader designed with a center pin that vibrates in the middle of the nozzle. This vibration, together with the impingement of the water jet on the upper cap, generates the fine axi-symmetric fine droplet distribution and prevents accumulation of dirt or lime deposits in the nozzle.

Rain-Tal Vibro Spreaders are available in two models: the ordinary model (left picture) for pressure over 2 bars, and the low pressure (LP) model (right picture) that can operate at pressures from 1 bar and up.

For more details and specification pdfview or download the product brochure.

Installation of the Vibro Spreader is possible in any orientation. The picture on the right shows the upright and upside-down options. When in upright position, the Vibro Spreader is automatically sealed against insects after water shut down.

The upside down version is extremely useful for overhead irrigation in greenhouses. In this mode the device is hanging down from an upper supply line.

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