Model Vibromax - Seed Bed Preparation



Specialist of the seed-bed preparation. The Vibromax combines simplicity of use and of maintenance. The new Vibromax manufactured by Franquet reworked vibrocultivators’ standards. Specialist in seed-bed preparation, the Vibromax completes the offer suggested by the other tools of the brand. Combining simplicity of use and maintenance, it’s made for the ploughing in autumn and in spring, preparing a superficial seedbed, (0 to 20 cm).


The Vibromax is available in 3 m / 6 m / 9 m work width versions.

  • For the standard, sensing wheels are available for width of 6 m and 9 m. The mechanically welded beam has been specially designed to be sturdy during the work and to make easier the trips thanks to a transport width of 3.10 m. It’s fitted with 5 vibrating tines rows and can be fitted with straight tines (45 x 12 or 32 x 12), or semi-straight tines (32 x 10). The work depth vary from 0 to 20 cm. A rotating harrow (diameter : 400 mm) hold in place the work depth of the equipment and break-up the work.
  • In option, the VIBROMAX may be fitted with a second row of rotating harrow, the diameter is lower than the first one : 310 mm. A comb harrow can finish the work.

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