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- Model 9-12m - Tine Cultivators



The Vibromulch is a semi-mounted stubble-breaker with 4 rows of vibrating tines available in 9m and 12m. It replies to the farmers’ demands, who are looking for performance.

With its 60cm under frame clearance and the 61cm space between the beams, I as capable of doing quickly and efficiently the most varied works:
- Stubble-breaking after harvest
- Starting again the ploughing and preparation for the seeding
- Opening and aerating the earth in spring
- Burying manure or liquid manure
- Destruction of intercropping, etc.

Your advantages:
- The Vibromulch offers an incomparable flexibility
- High work flow
- Very reduced power and consumption (4L/Ha at the second stubble-breaking)
- A large range and a very complete palette of equipment

  • Stubble breaker with 70x12 mm vibrating tines
  • Reinforced frame with 4 rows 80x80
  • High clearance under frame 60 cm
  • High space between beams to facilitate the work in presence of residues
  • 4 depth control wheels
  • Selection of shares and their position
  • Warning kit with reflective plates and lamps
  • Machine equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic braking system available, must be specified on order form

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