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- Walnut and Almunds Harvester



Kadıoğlu Vibrope is an economic harvester which aims to speed up harvesting time by vibrating bough or young trees to drop fruits. It is a system mounted back of tractor and taking its power from PTO which can work easily 15 hp or over all tractors. It makes harvesting of apricot, walnut, almonds, cherry, olive, orange and lemon easier and faster.

Features :

  • Facilate harvest process in ratio of %50-%90
  • There is no risk of falling from tree
  • There is no damage to trees
  • The part of machine grabbing tree is made of caoutchouc
  • Operator can grab or remove strap easily
  • There is no need supplies and the only maintenance is standard oil maintenance
  • It is suitable for harvesting of apricot,walnut,almonds,cherry,olive,orange and lemon.

Telescopic Handle

  • Its telescopic handle can reach 7 m branches without stair
  • Thanks to its telescopic handle , there is no need to climb to trees.
  • There is no need to stair, you can do all of your work on ground.

Energy SourceTractor PTO
Width 30 cm / 0.98 ft. / 11.81 in.
Height58 cm / 1.9 ft. / 22.83 in.
Length50 cm / 1.64 ft. / 19.68 in.
Total Weight50 kg / 110.23 lbs.
Rope Length10 mt. / 32.8 ft. / 393.701 in.
Rope Endurance3000 kg / 6613.86 lbs

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