- Model XTC - Mechanical Seed Drill



With its Mecasem XTC, Vicon has expanded its range of mechanical seeders with integral mounting model based on the tried and tested Vicon Toptiller, the Mecasem XTC ensures the best seeding results after ploughing and conservation tilling. One of the main advantages for operators is the constant depth control for the coulters, thanks to the direct link between the coulter bar and the roller mounted with a parallelogram linkage system – additional settings due to tine wear on the rotary harrow are not necessary. This seeder’s special linkage to the Vicon Toptiller allows fast disassemble when the power harrow is required for solo use. In addition, the wide range of options provide a solution to meet all requirements in the field.

  • Up to 1.510 l hopper capacity for reduced set-up times and high performance 
  • Automatic depth control of the coulter bar due to the direct connection to the frame of the packer roller (no re-adjustment needed if the working depth of the power harrow is changed)
  • Overload protected track marker arms mounted on the power harrow
  • Integrated brake of the land wheel to avoid “overdosing” on head lands
  • Easy uncoupling of the seed drill for solo operational due to linkage via saddle triangle

Metering System

The metering system suits application rates from 1- 400kg. The change between normal seed and fine seed is time saving as no tools are needed.

Metering wheels for normal and fine seeds are standard. The special design of the metering wheels with staggered cells and a bottom flap with a curved edge results in high quality seed distribution. The metering wheels are water and dust protected by the calibration trays. Easy and safe access to the whole calibration system is ensured by the loading steps.

Electronic Control
  • The mechanical seeders can be fitted with the tramlining systems FGS or Signus.
  • The FGS tramline control system allows the operator to select from a variety of pre-programmed tramline rhythms. The FGS unit also features hopper low level and under voltage warning (optional)
  • The Signus combines comprehensive information, simple data input, a multitude of functions and precise control.
Tank design

Thanks to its full width opening, the tank can be easily filled from manually, “big bags” and with a front loader. Hopper extensions can increase the base capacity to 1.100 litres (3 m). The robust steel hopper cover protects the seed from dirt and rain.

The loading steps and the platform ensure safety and comfort. They can be easily folded up and are secured with a pin when the machine is in work. 

The tank baffles direct the seed to the metering system and retain very little in the tank between metering units. This also helps to prevent seed from “sliding to one end” when drilling on slopes. The special tank geometry safeguards reliable operation even at low hopper levels.  Additional special installations are not required.

Various Coulters

According to the individual requirements and soil conditions, mechanical drills can be equipped with Suffolk Coulter or the CX-disc coulter.

  • TheSuffolk Coulter is especially suitable for sowing after plough and offers coulter distances between 9.4 and 15cm.
  • The coulter tip of special cast can be exchanged when worn. There are also low-wear ceramic coulter tips available.
  • TheCX-disc coulter ensures exact seed placement under both wet and dry conditions
  • Due to the combination of convex steel disc and flexible plastic disc, there is no need for independent scrapers saving the costs for expensive wearing parts.
  • The convex steel disc forms a clean and clear furrow with light recompaction. The narrow profile allows higher working speed and the convex form of the disc ensures good depth control.
  • The flexible plastic disc keeps the furrow open for exact seed placement. It cleans the steel disc and helps prevent sticking and blocking.
  • Narrow and wide press wheels are available for special seeding conditions. These press wheels can be fully lifted in case of changing weather conditions.

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