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- Model Rau Unicorn - Precision Seed Drills


UNICORN, the mechanical single seed drill for sowing pelleted beet seed. Renowned for its quality and reliability and proven adaptability to the different operating and adjustments, which arise in the field. UNICORN, with its 6 to 24 row units configuration, easily copes with varying operating conditions. Of special note is the parallelogram design and the frame construction, which is as robust as it is variable.

With mechanically driven seed units folding/unfolding the frame and track indicator is accomplished from the tractor cab with a minimum of effort and executed by powerful electrically controlled hydraulics.

The Advantages:

  • Mechanical precision sowing of pelleted seeds such as beet, rape and chicory with corresponding calibration
  • For conventional respectively mulch/no-tillage sowing with the corresponding equipment
  • Working widths from 2.70–12.00m, 6 to 24 rows
  • Land wheels between the sowing units for an optimum centre of gravity distance
  • Row widths 45-50cm
  • Various tools for the seed placement and covering
  • Large number of various seed spacings via lever change gearbox or electric drive – between 8–31 respectively 4–35cm depending on specification

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