Model Victor 1100 - Hydro-Mulcher



Bowie’s Victor 1100is available as a trailer, gooseneck or skid model. TheBowie Victor 1100is the choice for intermediate hydro-mulching jobs. The gooseneck makes hauling and maneuvering much easier and provides additional area for hauling the product to be sprayed. The skid model can be mounted on your own equipment, and the trailer model can be towed with a standard hitch. For more production and less time loading, this size unit is head and shoulders above other similar machines. With theBowie Victor 1100, you can go up to 600 lbs. of mulch per tank load and spray with a hose or from the deck using the ergonomic discharge cannon. The large access opening to the tank allows for easy and quick cleaning. TheBowie Victor 1100also features controls on the deck which can be used for ground level operation


John Deere 49 hp Diesel Engine


GN 21’-6” (655 cm)
Trailer 19’-8” (599 cm)
Skid 13’-6” (411 cm)


GN 7’-4” (224 cm)
Trailer 7’-4” (224 cm)
Skid 6’-9” (203 cm)


GN 8’-7” (262 cm)
Trailer 8’-7” (262 cm)
Skid 7’-8” (234 cm)

Empty Weight:

GN 6250 lbs (2835 kg)
Trailer 5980 lbs (2712 kg)
Skid 4880 lbs (2213 kg)

Pump Options:

3' Bowie Gear Pump
4' x 2' Centrifugal Pump

Liquid Capacity:

1134 US Gallons
(4292 Liters)

Optional Equipment:

Clear Water Flush System

Standard Included Parts and Equipment:


4-Part F Quick Couplers

1-Part D 1 1/2”

1-2 5/16' Ball (Trailer Mounted Only)

Spanner Wrench

Parts Manual

Engine Manual


All specifications subject to change without notice.

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