Weremczuk Agromachines

- Model VICTOR-Z - Currant and Berry Harvester



“VICTOR Z” berry harvester has been designed and adapted to working on several-dozen-hectare-plantations where fruit bushes are planted in espaliers without any supports.  The minimum spacing of rows is 3,50 m. Such conditions make it possible to obtain very good quality of fruits and high fruit yield. “VICTOR Z” harvester is equipped with the fruit harvesting system based on a pair of units for shaking off fruit that are arranged with regard to each other in the shape of letter “V”. The combination of this system with the optimal geometry of flow of fruit bushes through the unit for shaking off fruits and the use of self-aligning suspension system guarantees almost 100% harvesting effectiveness, without any damage to fruit bushes, and makes it possible to harvest up to 20 ton of very good quality fruits from one hectare.

  • Type of harvester : pull-behind, full-row
  • Number of rows : 1
  • Accuracy of harvest : ok. 98%
  • Output : 0,3 – 0,6 h/godz.
  • Work driving speed : 0,5 - 2,0 km/h
  • Min. PTO power : 60 HP
  • Platforms capacity ; 2 000 kg

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