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- Model Pro 4 - Ultra BASE ROV System



The Pro 4 Ultra BASE ROV system is a simpler, lighter version of our standard Pro 4 ROV system. The extremely portable Ultra BASE control panel is about 40% lighter than the standard Pro 4 Control Panel weighing in at 9.1 kg (20 lbs).  Tether is NOT included with this Ultra BASE system, however the system is compatible with any new or existing VideoRay tether segments.


The Ultra BASE system is the perfect solution for users who only need the most basic functionality of an ROV. Routine tasks – such as basic visual inspections or observations in normal environments down to 305 m (1,000 ft) – are perfectly suited for the Ultra BASE system. A sleek convertible tablet / keyboard computer equipped with a light version of VideoRay Cockpit Software controls the ROV and displays the video feed. The included sunshade enhances screen visibility in bright environments. The Ultra BASE system also comes with a rugged industrial USB hand controller, Pro 4 user manual, custom packaging, and a Pro 4 Basic Tool Kit.

The Ultra Panel contains only the essential hardware for basic operations.  It packs a slightly lesser punch, with a maximum voltage of 48 volts (compared to the standard Pro 4 ICB’s 73 volts). This reduces the Ultra BASE system’s maximum thrust to 14 lbs total and a speed of approx 4 knots on the surface - the same power as the old school VideoRay Pro 3 GTO ROV. Users who plan to expand the VideoRay’s capabilities with accessories or complete more advanced missions are advised to consider our STANDARD or RUGGED Pro 4 configurations.

Ideoray Pro 4 Ultra Base ROV Basic Specifications:

  • Submersible Dimensions: 37.5, 28.9, 22.3 cm (14.75, 11.4, 8.75 in)
  • Submersible Weight: 6.1 kg (13.5 lb) with Full Ballast Set
  • Total System Weight (2 Cases): 34 kg (75 lbs)
  • Depth Rating: 305 m (1,000 ft)

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