- Blockage Seed Sensor



Detects the smallest canola seed to the largest fertilizer granual. Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just 'flowing' or 'blocked'. 1', 1 1/4', and 1 3/4' (inside diameter) hose size configurations

  • Drill Monitoring
    Economical seed monitoring that detects drill blockages for up to a maximum of 8 drill rows.
  • In-Cab Display
    Easy-to-use in-cab display module display that includes a 8 row LED lightbar that indicates when you drill is blocked and when your drill hopper is getting low in just seconds.
  • LED Dimming
    In-cab display Includes 5-step LED dimming for better visibility during twilight and at night.
  • Audible Alarm
    Internal audible alarm that enhance monitoring potential.
  • DICKEY-john Vigilense Blockage Sensors
    Uses robust, state-of-the-art DICKEY-john Vigilense Blockage Sensors that detect flow of material rather than other blockage sensors which sense material detection via a drilled hole or a flow-thru style.

  • DICKEY-john Vigilense Blockage Sensors
    Sensors available in 25 mm (1″), 32 mm (1.25″) and 45 mm (1.75″) inner diameter sizes to suit different models and types of air seeders, broadcasters and drills.
  • Easy Install
    Mounts to a number of different air seeders, broadcasters and drills with a single harness assembly. Installation usually takes less than half a day with no need to take your drill apart.
  • Increased Productivity
    Helps increase productivity by reducing losses caused by drill blockages and increases yields by ensuring that your field is fully cropped without any embarassing gaps or expensive misses.
  • One-Year Product Warranty
    Manufacturers warranty that covers any faults that may occur one-year from point-of-puchase.
  • Reduced Anxiety
    Provides peace of mind to drill operators who can be sure that no embarassing gaps or expensive misseses occur during drilling.

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