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- Viticulture Pest Management Wireless Solution


VineSense: The key instrument for precision viticulture. Environmental protection calls for a substantially reduction of the pattern of usage of chemicals and the amount of sprayed pesticides. VineSense precisely maps the local microclimatic conditions and provides information on disease forecasting based on accurate prediction models fed by microclimatic parameters perceived in the vine rows. Advantages are: • treatments targeted on hotspots of infection outbreak • savings in pesticides cost • regulation compliant approach • improvement of the product’s branding How it works: Sensors installed in the vine rows measure the real micro-climatic parameters of the plants. Data are transmitted by wireless units located in the vine rows, not interfering with the mechanical operations in the vineyard. Data, at 5 to 15 minute rate, are automatically forwarded to Netsens’ Data Centre. Authenticated user can access data via computer, smart phone or tablet, via internet worldwide.

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