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VineSense allows you to acquire data from the field, and displays it on a complete and user-friendly interface. Already installed in many prestigious and worldwide-known Vineries, the basic configuration includes a GPRS main unit, with rain collector, and two or more wireless units, to be installed amongst vines, with air temperature/humidity and leaf wetness sensors. Solutions for defence against Pathogens The innovative LiveData Plus software has been specifically designed for vineyard application, and displays all data in a simple and intuitive way. Several agronomic analysis models and data processing instruments are also included.

  • Agronomic data analysis models which can run on data present among vines (temperature, humidity etc.), acquired by small devices which do not hamper common field operations.
  • Phenological and fungicide spraying agendas which allow to easily synchronize the development of the disease with the effective growth of the plant throughout the season.
  • Distributed sensors which highlight micro-climatic differences in your crop, and allow you to estimate pathogens infection and development in different areas.
  • High modularity which allows the monitoring of several plots with just one GPRS main unit, this resulting in lower costs compared with those of standard weather stations.

All that results in a more appropriate chemical treatment management, reduction of environmental impact and cost reduction for your Farm, with a simple and reliable instrument.

A precise and conscientious pest management offers two important benefits: cost reduction, due to lower use of chemicals, and a better product quality, so resulting in a better image of your farm on the market.

Furthermore, from January 1st 2014, the EU directive 1600/2002/CE will become effective in EU countries. Member countries will be called to issue local regulations so that professional operators will be enabled to reduce the impact of pesticides by monitoring pests with adequate methods and instruments, through field observation and early forecast systems.

Netsens products are designed to fulfill these requirements, and offer innovative solutions for defining better defense strategies. This can be achieved thanks to our innovative technologies, which allow the gathering of data directly from the field, and effective prediction and analysis models.

VineSense is the first monitoring system where pathogens development and risk models are linked with events.

  • Phenological agenda: this tool allows you to easily select the development phase of your vineyard, and by linking it with pathogens models, results in a specific and effective response.
  • Treatment Agenda: scheduling the day and duration of the chemical treatments are listed in the Agenda allows for the estimation of the pathogen development and estimates the possible reduction of the chemical treatment efficiency, due to possible precipitations.

VineSense is a modular system: it allows you to select the number and the density of sensors to be deployed in the field, according to your crop size and characteristics.

Furthermore, wireless repeaters can be added to extend coverage up to tens of hectares with just one main unit. This results in lower purchase and maintenance costs.

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