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- Viticulture Fine Cultivator


The fine cultivator VINUM CULT keeps the vineyard very inexpensively weed-free. The strong cultivator tines (70 x 12 mm), which are mounted with a spacing of 15 cm, are also suitable to plough up green fallow or for the fertilizer incorporation. A uniform and fine mixing is achieved with the 3 rows of tines. Blockage-free working is possible by the extreme passage height of 59 cm.  A solid flat bar roller crushes powerful and consolidates the soil. It remains a well-mixed, finely structured, on the surface back solidified soil - with relatively little traction power.


VINUM DISC - Viticulture disc harrow

  • The 2-row constructed VINUM DISC disc harrow is suitable for the blockage-free working into of green manure and for the weed control in viticulture. 
  • The formation of humus is promoted by the intensive mixing of the soil.
  • Wear-resistant, serrated discs are individually mounted with maintenance-free quality bearings on 16 mm strong leaf springs.
  • The inclined position of the discs enables excellent penetration in the ground.
  • The depth guidance is made by the roller, which is available as a cage roller or toothed ring packer roller.
  • When turning between the vine lines, the roller swings by the own weight to the equipment, so this becomes still more compact.

VINUM FLEX - Viticulture cultivator

  • The solid built VINUM FLEX spring tines cultivator of AGRI FARM can be used on all soils in the vineyards and orchards, even on very dry and stony.
  • The broad, flexible yet powerful spring tines cause a uniform mixing and a much better water storage of the soil. Furthermore, the weed is intensively controlled.
  • The viticulture cultivator of AGRI FARM, with 2 rows of tines and an adjustable roller, stands out particularly by its compact design.

VINUM SOILBREAKER - Viticulture subsoiler

  • By regular subsoiling with the VINUM SOILBREAKER of  AGRI FARM, compacted soil will be loosened and root growth is again promoted. A further effect is the improved water storage of the ground. 
  • The VINUM SOILBREAKER blows up and loosens compacted soil up to 45 cm deep, leaving the humus layer on the surface.
  • The device is equipped with a large cage roller. Intermediate tines for the simultaneous working process on the surface can be supplied on request.

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