Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc.

Vinyl Dairy Curtains



The Midwest Livestock Freestall Curtain System offers dairy producers various options to fit their budget needs. Wind retainer choices include 3/16” nylon cord, seat belt strapping, ¾” galvanized conduit or super heavy duct 1-3/8” galvanized pipe. Curtain material options include 10 oz. frosty clear, 13 oz. transluscent vinyl & 18 oz. white vinyl. Midwest also offers timely & efficient installation of curtain systems to assure the work is done correctly and on time.

  • Proven roll-up system
  • Tight roll helps prevent wind damage and water bagging
  • Multiple wind retainer options for different conditions: 1-3/8' galvanized pipe, 3/4' galvanized conduit, or seatbelt strapping
  • Roll-up gear boxes can be manually cranked or equipped with power unit
  • 13-oz.semiclear vinyl or 18-oz. white vinyl materials for durability

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