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Vip Cutter



Compact cutter and of medium strength, ideal for working on grass and shoots of vineyards and orchards up to a maximum of 3 cm diameter, for tractors of 20-60 hp. The VIP model delivers great performance in the field thanks to a reliable system of rotor balancing thanks also to the type of rod (or knife) chosen ensuring a perfect quality of cut without generating particular vibrations in any part of the structure. The quality and compactness of the Vip models is also provided by its internal structure with double reinforced sheeting, enhanced with a rounded side wall (idle side), which enables work without causing damage to the trunk of plants. The working height of the machine is adjustable by means of a rear leveller roller complete with suitable system for rapid maintenance directly in the field and roller scraper; it is also equipped with a rear hood that can be opened for maintenance. The lengths of work produced for the Vip cutter are 115 115/130/145/160/180 cm.

Standard accessories

  • Blunt and rounded idle side area
  • Body with double internal plate
  • Contained rear hood openable for maintenance
  • Molded rods or Y knives (upon request)
  • Three-point attachment 1° and 2° category
  • Screw-on lateral movement devices on chrome-plated rods
  • Gear box with internal free wheel
  • Adjustable rear leveller roller Ø 139
  • No. 2 rows of counter-knives
  • Reinforced rock fall protection straps
  • EC compliant accident prevention mechanisms

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