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- Inline Drip Laterals (Emitting Pipes)


One of the prime components in Vishakha’s ensemble of products is Inline Laterals (Emitting Pipes), which is supported by the most advanced technologies available in the world today. This internationally successful technology is ideal when it comes to effective irrigation of a number of row crops like sugarcane, vegetables, cotton, banana and many more.

Not only do inline laterals enable optimal utilization of water, they also prove to be very beneficial in enhancing the crop yield. They also prove to be equally effective even in undulating terrains, and are suitable for any type of soil or any type of water. With these products by Vishakha, the farmers gain a great edge in better and greater produce.

Vishakha Plain Laterals & online Emitters for horticulture crops for large trees like mango where water requirement is more and where more distance between two trees.

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