Pellenc SA

Multifunction Front Arm and Weight Holder Carriers



A single connection point for the hydraulic push-pulls and electrical outlets at shoulder height (same as with the MULTIVITI chassis). Automatic recognition of coupled tools. Automatic reallocation of commands on the joystick and the EASY TOUCH Multifunction console for the tools connected.

Accessible to all
  • Automatic adaptation of the rotation speed of the tool coupled to the front arm according to the carrier’s forward speed.
  • Numerical indications of arm length visible from the cab.
  • Optional: hydraulic adjustment of the length of the arm from the cab.
  • Road approval with PELLENC multifunction tools.
  • Good visibility on the road and while working.
  • Optimum stability on gradients and slopes with the weight holder and a low centre of gravity.

PELLENC carriers are equipped with front arm/weight holders for carrying out jobs such as thinning of shoots, leaf stripping, and sinking posts as a service provider. As such, we optimise the amortisation of our carriers, each of which is in use from 700 to 800 hours annually. Using a carrier for this type of work improves the performance and the quality of our work—it is a win-win situation for our customers and for us!

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