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Eective enzyme supplements for ruminants have long been a holy grail for researchers.  For over 20 years research programs have looked
for an enzyme blend that is:

  • Consistent across different feeds and environments  
  • Cost Effective, producin worth significantly more gayield than the or feed cost of efficiency response treatment

The Unique Features of Econase RDE L
AB Vista  has  been  able  to  bring  to  the  market  through  Feedworks USA,  Ltd.  an  enzyme  that  achieves  the  above:  consistent  and  cost eective  performance.  As  the  marketing  arm  in  the  USA  for  AB Vista’s  Econase  RDE  L,  Feedworks  USA,  Ltd.  has  now  achieved conrmation of these results across wide areas in the USA

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