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- Color Sorters

The VistaSort will remove foreign material (sticks, debris, stones), color defects (caused by disease, immaturity or moisture damage), splits, and undecorticated seed in pulse crops such as Lentils, Beans and Peas. In cereal grains, we can remove all types of contaminants (sticks, hulls, stones), ergot, foreign material (i.e. wild oats), discolored seeds, as well as immature and diseased kernels. Often there is little difference to distinguish between the good and undesired materials. The VistaSort achieves the highest standard of sorting in the industry.

Imported from Italy. The ejectors contain a high-frequency electromagnetic solenoid valve that operates with a 10 billion millisecond precision and a consistency of near-zero error to ensure high accuracy.

Our control chip is made in the USA. The combination of DSP and FPGA produces powerful computing capabilities. It has extremely fast data collection and can process large amounts of information and perform various operations simultaneously.

A Japanese high-end 2048 pixel CCD chip camera can identify spots as small as 0.04mm. When coupled with intelligent algorithms, the optical design provides a more accurate color selection.

We have developed a complex algorithm so that even the smallest of impurities can be detected.

Compact system design, a precise calibration system, combined with an intuitive machine interface makes our machine operator friendly.

Our 300mm wide chute is built with a special anodizing process and was designed to meet specifications required for many applications around the world.

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