Vole Trap Topcat



The topcat-trap is a high quality snap trap with a sensitive mechanical release mechanism. At a pressure of 8 g or more, the topcat-trap snaps shut. The topcat-trap is positioned into the vole tunnel. The voles are captured from both tunnel directions. The topcat-trap is especially efficient in capturing water voles (Arvicola terrestris), common voles, field mice (Microtus aravalis) and others. The topcat-trap captures adult animals as well as pups. All parts of the topcat-trap are made of stainless steel.

  • harmless to the environment and user-friendly (no chemicals, no bait)
  • high quality product made of stainless steel (rust-free)
  • quick and easy handling
  • catches voles from both tunnel directions
  • very sensitive release mechanism
  • comfortable operating position, hygienic mode of operation
  • easy to clean, low maintenance
  • voles die quickly
  • can be used against voles, field mice, etc.

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