Voltrex UV LTD.

- Model C-V300-4-12-L-AM - Saltwater Fresh Water Aquaculture Mariculture Hi-Flo Series



Manufacturer of complete line of closed chamber ultraviolet disinfection systems for the treatment of water, wastewater sewage effluent, using the medium of low pressure high intensity ultraviolet light providing solutions for all phases of water and waste-water used in industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

Voltrex Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems provide safe non-chemical treatment of water, wastewater and sewage effluent to a wide range of clients-customers worldwide; our technology is readily accepted by a diverse range of users.

Voltrex provides a comprehensive range of ultraviolet systems for disinfection of and destruction of micro-organisms found in wastewater and sewage effluent. From our standard range of products for the treatment of low flows to the cost effective treatment of high capacity flow and special applications, Voltrex provides the most suitable Ultraviolet equipment.

  • Inlet/Outlet: Inlet 12' Vanstone Flange Outlet Optional
  • Internal Flow Diffuser: Standard
  • Chamber Material: Potable Grade PVC Stainless Steel
  • Electrical Enclosure: NEMA 1 Standard NEMA 4 Optional
  • Lamps (4): Low Pressure High Intensity Amalgam type
  • Sleeves (4): High Grade fused silica quartz
  • Ballasts (2): High Efficiency Electronic type

  • High efficiency electronic ballasts
  • High energy input ultraviolet amalgam lamps UV Efficiency 33% +
  • Extended lamp life to twelve thousand hours +
  • Ultraviolet lamps easily installed and replaced
  • Internal flow diffuser system
  • Simple quick easy Quartz sleeve removal/replacement

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