Model VR Series - Distribution Kit



A liquid fertilizer distribution kit that combines 'on-the-go' rate changes with the precision placement of fertilizer at various seed row spacings and various application rates associated with today's seeding methods.

The VR Series distribution kit operates by metering each outlet individually with either a VF100 single barb nozzle body or VF200 double barbed nozzle body, depending on the configuartion of your seeding equipment. By simply adjusting flow and pressure of the system will change application rates. No more changing of orifices to change rates.

Being a pressurized system it allows for frame mounting of each manifold, eliminating problems encountered when using high stands on multiple folding seeding units.

The closed pressurized system is drip free, helping keep your equipment looking like new. Each outlet has a 1/4' check valve installed in the distribution line near your seed opener. The check valves also ensure lines are kept charged with no delay of applcation when turning the system off and on.

The custom built kit comes complete with enough 1' hose for your main feed lines and 1/4' nylon braided hose for each seed opener that is flexibale and makes for a very neat, easy and long lasting installation. The kit also includes a large filter assembly, pressure gauge, and all mounting hardware.

Application chart is to be used for referance only. Ensure that your ground drive pump is properly set to deliver the correct amount of product. Installation of a flow monitor can also ensure that the proper amount of product is being applied.

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