- Model Agri Series - Overseeders



Purpose: The Vredo Agri series is famous around the world in the agricultural sector. Every contractor should have this robust, but very accurate machine ready in the spring, after the first mowing or in the autumn to provide the pastures with fresh grass.

You can quickly and throughly:

  • Treat bare spots
  • Reinforce footpaths and bridle paths
  • Prevent erosion, repair wild animal damage
  • Sow additional clover and
  • Suppress weeds

These are just a few of the good reasons for using a Vredo.

” With Vredo you ensure that you get the maximum feed, harvest, and yield from your pasture”!

The Agri series has a standard inter-row distance of 7.5 cm. This is perfect for giving the pasture a close grass cover in an efficient manner. The grass seed has an optimal germination because it is enveloped in the fertile soil and thus protected from birds and desiccation. Overseeding is just a single operation and saves up to 80% in time and fuel. Compare your gain against renovation by ploughing, cultivating, levelling, sowing and rolling.?An additional major advantage of this is that the land can continue to be used intensively.

The machine has very hard wearing large discs with a diameter of 406 mm. The discs are, and stay sharp. All of the pairs of discs? have independent suspension. This suspension ensures perfect terrain following and the discs are protected. The discs spring upwards as soon as hard objects, such as stones, are encountered. Thanks to this construction every seed is always deposited in the ground at the right depth.

The Agri series can also be equipped with an optional packer ring roller. This roller, with moveable cast iron rings, closely follows the contours of the ground, even on rough terrain. Ground with stones or uneven fields can easily be handled this way.

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