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Model VS-11,12 - Self Propelled


The VS-11 Self Propelled self loading machine is a compact mixer feeder, narrow, width 2.40 m with a superb steering ability through back steering. This Self Propelled mixer feeder is designed for small and medium size dairy farms (usually older or existing ones). This mixer can load all types of feed that the cow eats with the use of the mixing auger that can chop down to the desirable size of long fiber materials 6-10 mm long and reach homogeneity of 99%. The mixer has an ECM (Energy Consumption Management) system for saving diesel fuel. It also contains a cabin with advanced human engineering design. Furthermore, since the engine is installed in the rear, the noise is low, the Self Propelled driver can comfortably operate the machine for a long number of hours. The mixer structure enables easy access for maintenance to all of the mixer´s components.

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