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Model VS 5 - Electronic Filter Clogging Indicator


Electrical clogging indicators are ideal for situations where the filter housing cannot easily be viewed in the plant. When the filter element becomes clogged, an indicator light will go off in a central command center. It is also possible to program these indicators to shut the system off completely.

The VS 5 electronic filter clogging indicator enables users to minimize machinery downtime and improve their operational processes. The indicator uses a “traffic light” style of LED to denote the status of the filter element.  The visual indicator offers a simple and quick way to check the condition of the filter, allowing operators to make an informed decision about when to replace the filter element as part of their preventative maintenance strategy.

Eaton’s VS5 electronic clogging indicator for oil filters measures the differential pressure inside the filtration system continuously to evaluate the status of the filter elements.  It includes a M12 female connector as signal interface, which is designed in response to increased demand for industrial applications, and features an eight pin configuration to ensure interference free signal transmission, thereby providing a reliable signal to the operator. The eight pins of the M12 connector are configured with an analog 4 to 20 mA output signal, two PNP switch signals, power supply and earth.

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