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Model AC4-115 - Automatic Punnet Filling Machine



The machine is suitable to handle 0,5 to 1 kg punnets, size 112x195. The machine consists of: Structure in painted steel, Manually regulated punnet guide system, Complete with electrical control cabinet to control the automatic functions. The machine includes 4 hoppers with pneumatic opening and photocells to detect punnet presence. In this way, it is able to fill 4 punnets in one movement. Optional:  KIT to handle 500 g square punnets with additional inserts, Time necessary to fit the kit: 25÷30 minutes,  Automatic punnet denester mod. DP8-115 complete with electrical control cabinet (8 punnet deposits, 4 in progress and 4 on hold, automatic exchange between the two groups with pneumatic control),  Kit to handle 250 g punnets with additional inserts and wooden reduction device.

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