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Model VSD-115 - Automatic Tray Filler


This machine is programmed to fill 10 punnets into cardboard and plastic boxes (40x60cm). Composed of: Conveyor for punnet collection;
Automatic tray filling storage unit (up to 15 trays), Electrical main board. It can be connected to any punnet netting machine.

Punnet size: from 0,5 to 1kg (120x90mm)


1. Tray dispenser:.
2. Low tray positioning for backwards feeding:.
3. 8 punnet version.

OUTPUT: approx. 60 punnet/minute
AIR CONSUMPTION: 300 Nl/min. – 6 bar

NOTE: The VSD-115 can be set up to handle card-board boxes only to reduce punnet drop height. N.B. This setting change can not be carried out while the machine is running.

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