Model VYR-157-L - Sprinkler Gun



The sprinkler-gun model VYR-157, has the latest technology as far as long distance and high flow irrigation is concerned. Its system of rotation by hydraulic piston makes this a model of precision and strength.Made with high quality materials used ingenious operating systems with hydraulic incredible results: the result is highly functional, versatile and long-period dependent operation with minimum maintenance.
Even under the most extreme working conditions this rotor ensures high performance of work over a long period of life and without the slightest inconvenience if proper maintenance has been correct.

  • Piston drive raingun sprinkler, high flow.
  • 3' female connection.
  • Made of aluminium, brass, plastic and stainless steel.
  • High-resistance rotating joints.
  • Nozzle angles of 28º and 28º.
  • Special design for long reach.
  • Used in full coverage irrigation with very high flow.
  • Rotation speed adjustment.

  • Reach: 24-42 m (2') and 39 - 65 m(3').
  • Flow: 10,250 - 25,000 l/h (2') and 24,250 - 121,250 l/h (3').
  • Working pressure: 5 - 8 bar.
  • Area: Part or full circle.
  • Nozzles: One main multi-jet nozzle for long reach and a secondary nozzle for short reach.
  • Trajectory angles: 28º.
  • Maximum stream height: 5.5 m.
  • Rotation time: Adjustable by a side control command screw.
  • Uniformity coefficient higher than 90% in areas of 55x55R, 60x60T, 60x65T(3').


  • Height: 45 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Weight: 7500 gr
  • Units per box: 1
  • Weight per box:

  • Automatic kit with 2' or 3' valve, hydraulically or electrically driven.
  • Foldable tripod for mobile installation.
  • Complete set of nozzles.

  • Irrigation for sport fields.
  • Roller traveller sprinkler irrigation.
  • Horticultural plantations, cereals, tubers, leguminous plants and fruit trees.

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