Model W-2900 - Lawn Tractors



The W-2900 is a proven performance leader. Not only does it offer top-notch cut quality and collection performance, it is built from the highest grade components to serve reliably season after season. A broad range of advanced features, like the extra large electrically opened collector, keep you working in comfort. If you are looking for the ultimate cut and collection machine for your lawn or business, the W-2900 is a excellent choice.

Pre Grade Fabricated Deck
The 122 cm heavy duty, counter-rotating twin blade deck has the optimal geometry for processing clippings, giving better collection and mulching results. Reinforced edges provide greater durability.
Professional Grade Engines
Premium engines from Kawasaki offers maximum performance, efficiency and service life. Kawasaki has outstanding dealer networks worldwide!
Professional Drive
The highest quality drives available. These are specially designed for maximizing grass tunnel size and providing maximum reliability.
Patented Full Bag Sensor
Precisely monitors air flow throughout the deck and collector for accurate operation, all the time. Shuts off at 90% fullness allow finishing a cut before heading off to unload.
Massive 410 liter Collector
The impressive 98% fill efficiency combined with the cavernous volume saves you time - more mowing and less dumping. Unload it by simply pressing a button on the dash. It doesn′t get easier!
Steel Spindle Housings
You won′t find brittle die cast aluminum here on one of the most critical components of your machine. We use an honest piece of steel, and back it with a 5 year warranty - they are that tough!
Madla Grab Bars
Sturdy fender mounted grab bars help getting onto & off of the tractor, give a place to hang on to when mowing slopes, and assist when moving the machine in a trailer, van, or garage.
EZ Adjust Blade Boss
Makes it easy to remove blades for sharpening, and reinstall them in the correct position. Patented boss is unaffected by corrosion, debris, or wear.

Extra Large Tunnel
Only your thumbs should be green - not your elbows! Cut lush, wet, or tall grass without pluggin.
Ball Joint Steering
Ball joint steering has 400% more surface area than cheap 'bent rod′ systems and they can be adjusted as tires wear to give you precise steering in all conditions.

Ergonomic features
Convenient fuel gauge, Padded Steering Wheel, Ergonomic dash and so on.

Tight Turning Radius
Mow around trees and obstacles with minimum effort. Proper geometry won′t plow in turns, or misbehave with heavy collectors or implements.

Cast iron front axle

Ball bearings - not bushings- in front wheels
Kevlar reinforced belts for minimal service and maximum life

halogen headlights

Utility trailer

Utility trailer has independently removable sides for serious versatility. Incredilby easy to setup!

Broadcast Spreader

All-season season spreader is great for sand, gravel, salt, seed, and fertilizer.

Sturdy aerator helps alleviate ground compaction for healtheir grass. The ballast tray is designed to accept standard concrete pavers.

Mulching Kit
High performance mulching kit finely chops clippings and forcefully deposits them to soil level, leaving immaculate results and returning nutrients to the lawn.

Lawn Roller
Great tool for flattening loose soil for seeding preparation. Can be used behind any tractor equipped with a tow point.

Snow Blade
Get rid of snow with easy with the heavy duty snow blade.

Snow Chains
Easy to install snow chains provide extra grip in slick or muddy conditions, or traction on slopes.

Tractor Cover
An economical way to keep dust and rain off your equipment.

Service Lift
Proper threaded bar will not slip unlike cheapo copies that use rebar

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