W & A Manufacturing Co.

- 8 Blade Standard Levee Plow



This Levee Plow has more rice farming features than any other machine. Designed for building levees in rice and for flood irrigation of soybeans.

W&A's Levee Plow is designed to meet the heavy demands of today's rice farmer. It's strong so heavy tractors don't pull it apart ... and it can work under most conditions with no balling up. High frame clearance, self-cleaning blades with heavy duty scrapers, adjustable gang tilt, and regreasable bearings give you a versatile, hard working machine for tough rice fields. Isn't this really what you want -- performance -- quality and service when you put your dollars on the line? We think so.

  • Heavy Duty Three Point Hitch
  • 1-1/2' Square Axles
  • Trunion Mounted 1-1/2' Triple Lip Greaseable Bearings
  • 9' Spacing
  • Heavy Duty Scrapers
  • 5/16' Thick x 24' Diameter Plain Flat Center Blades
  • Completely Reversible
  • Two Parking Stands

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