Model W200P/L - Low Torque, Light Duty Potentiometer Windvane



The W200P/L Light Duty (Low Torque) Potentiometer Windvane incorporates a precision wire-wound potentiometer as a shaft angle transducer, enabling wind direction sensed by the F20 fin to be accurately determined when connected to suitable measuring equipment, such as a data logger or PLC. The potentiometer has the lower torque than our standard W200P potentiometer windvane, allowing increased sensitivity at lower windspeeds, however the gap and 'deadband' at north are larger and the potentiometer is less robust, factors which are reflected by the lower price of this instrument. Note: The W200P/L is only intended for 'Light Duty' applications (such as general meteorology and agrometeorology) and we recommend that our 'standard' W200P windvane be used for more demanding applications such as Wind Assessment.

The standard F20 vane-arm (fin) assembly is attached using the unique Porton™ gravity fastener allowing good alignment and rapid attachment and release. A large alternative vane-arm (fin), type F20LV is available where extra sensitivity is required.

Construction is from anodised aluminium alloys and stainless steels for exposed parts. Combined with a hard plastic (upper) bearing and precision ball-races, the result is an instrument suitable for continuous exposure to the weather, with a long service interval.

Options for this windvane include:

  • HE-4 Internal Anti-Icing Heater
  • HE-1 & HE-2 ExternalRetrofit Anti-Icing Heaters
  • WR Marine Version

This windvane is Fixed Reference, that is to say that it must be aligned with north during installation and fixed in that positionorientation during operation. For mobile platforms or situations where the orentation of the platform is unknown, a self-referencing windvane such as our SRW1G would be appropriate.

The low 2K Ohm resistance of the potentiometer is no barrier to low power operation as most applications where power is critical use data loggers which are capable of energising the potentiometer only for a short interval during the actual measurement.

The precision potentiometer used in this windvane is connected with 2-wires to each end of the track and one to the wiper enabling it's use in a variety of bridge and potentiometric measurement configurations (Note: for best results, it is not recommended that this instrument be configured as a variable resistance).

This instrument is commonly used in conjunction with our A100L2 and A100R anemometers. The recommended mounting adaptors for use with this instrument are our type 405 and 405-1 series.

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