B. W. Implement Company

Model W24-110 - Flat Vee Ditchers


Fewer ditching passes mean less time in the field and less travel time to and from the field. Designed for fewer passes, the BWImplement Flat V Ditcher is an economical, efficient irrigation tool for optimum work economy. In most cases, a single pass up and back is sufficient but hard or cloddy conditions may require a third pass. Wide flat ditches carry more usable water, dry faster to allow earlier closing and are easier to remake. In addition, The BWImplement blade and point replacement is easier than other ditchers. 

  • Heavy duty, ratchet adjustable gauge wheels with 15' tires
  • 9-shank rear-mounted chisel unit with hydraulic rams and hoses.
  • Mounting brackets. Required if ditcher has no gauge wheels
  • Hydraulic ram and hoses to replace tractor top link.

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