Model M - Breaker Ploughs



Our type-series of breaker ploughs starts with the „model M“. Even our smallest device shows superior efficiency and performance with its 100 cm wide share and the hydraulically driven centrifugal valve. The working width is 90 cm and the working depth of about 50 cm. It is used for the clearing of the vines, hedges, shrubs, and tree stumps of former orchards.

  • The smallest model of the type series „M“ until „XXL 900“
  • Tare weight depends on roll equipment 1 to 1,25 t
  • For all-wheel tractors of 74 kW (100 PS) until 110 kW (100 PS)
  • Share width: 100 cm
  • Working width: ca. 90 cm
  • Max. working depth: ca. 50 cm

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